About Us

Action East Devon is a company limited by guarantee (number 07035905) and a registered charity (number 1134611) with an area of benefit covering East Devon.

About Action East Devon

Action East Devon is the leading local charity working with the people, communities and organisations of East Devon to create the services and support they need to live happier and healthier lives.

We run projects and deliver services, working with people and communities to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We work with volunteers and voluntary organisations and give them access to the support they need to make their community stronger.

We give community and voluntary organisations a voice and we represent them in East Devon and further afield, to help meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.

Our projects, services and contracts

Action East Devon develops projects and delivers services that address unmet need, improve wellbeing and provide opportunities for the people that most need support.

We collaborate with people who share our commitment to working with East Devon’s diverse population to identify their needs and help them develop their own solutions.

We acknowledge the strengths and expertise of those who run our projects and those who collaborate with us to improve health and wellbeing in East Devon.

Action East Devon works alongside a range of organisations including representatives from local voluntary and community groups and statutory agencies across East Devon.  We have over 530 registered organisations and over 300 volunteers registered through the Volunteer Centre.

Action East Devon works with a wide range of partners and its activities are supported by a variety of local and national funders and social investors. Our work with communities is supported by Devon County Council and East Devon District Council.

Additionally, we hold a range of contracts including Devon Carers.

Action East Devon's board of Directors has overall responsibility for the development of the organisation and its services. Our day to day activities are managed and delivered by a committed team of staff and volunteers.

Action East Devon is a member of NAVCA, NCVO and Volunteering England.

Our annual report can be found on our Services section.


Action East Devon is a member of NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action)

Charity Number 1134611 | Company Number 7035905