East Devon District Council want your views!

Want to influence change in your community?  Could you use the Sustainable Communities Act ?  
East Devon District Council wants your views!

The Sustainable Communities Act is an exciting law that enables communities, together with their council, to drive government assistance in their local area. The Act intends to help councils and communities manage issues at a local level and change things for the better. Its starting point is that local people are the experts on the problems they
face - and the solutions to them. The Act therefore sets up a unique process that allows local people, together with their council, to put forward proposals to central government for help they feel is needed in their area. 

The scope of the Act is fairly broad, but any proposal for change should be about the good of the community and ideas need to be about things that the local council or other local bodies cannot do at present and for which government action is needed.  

You can use the Act to propose changes to improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of an area, including participation in civic or political activity in order to change for the better the environment in which people live. 

East Devon District Council would like to hear people’s ideas and views on how to use the legislation to improve their local area. Anyone can make a suggestion, whether you are an individual or part of a group. 

Proposals need to be submitted to EDDC by 18th October.  See their website for more information and a proposal form. 

If you’d like more background information a useful source is Local Works.  It’s a coalition of over 120 national community organisations who came together and campaigned for the Sustainable Communities Act. Further information about Act itself and its potential use can be found on their website at:



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