Passing Matters

Passing Matters - A Project to Give People a Better End of Life

Everyone has the right to a good death, but less than 30% of us have had a conversation with family members about their wishes for end of life. (Dying Matters Coalition). A new project, sponsored by leading East Devon charity Action East Devon, aims to put an end to the taboo of talking about death by organising ‘Death Café Conversations’ across East Devon as well as organising practical information sessions to help people put their affairs in order before death.

Gill Amos is the organiser of the new project ‘Passing Matters’. She says, ‘ Trying to understand and navigate practical information to help get affairs in order can be more difficult if put off talking about death until a life limiting diagnosis is made, particularly in later life.  The aim of Death Café Conversations is to overcome to the fear of talking about death. They are safe and welcoming spaces, life affirming, supportive and always free where individuals, families and carers can come and talk over a cup of tea about end of life – their own or that of a relative or someone they care for. There is no agenda and they are discussion groups rather than grief support or counselling sessions.’

Passing Matters is also teaming up with Citizens Advice Bureau East Devon, to deliver ‘Putting Your Affairs in Order’ information sessions and practical 1:1 support. These will explain terms such as Mental Capacity, Lasting Power of Attorney and Advance Directives and Wills.

The third strand of the Passing Matters project is a specialist visiting service for people in the very end stages of life, in their own home or residential care home. Volunteers will be trained, supervised and supported to visit, share the journey, bring social contact, give carers a break or just keep vigil.

“Death is a natural part of being human and just like taxes we can’t avoid it’., says Gill. ‘This project will really make a difference to how people experience their end of life and how people close to them will view their own deaths’.

Death Cafes are being held across East Devon. Forthcoming Death Cafes can be found at

For more information on Passing Matters or to become a trained specialist volunteer for the project contact Gill Amos at Action East Devon  Telephone 01404 549045 Email

Action East Devon is a member of NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action)

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